North Yorkshire County Council is urging its residents to take advantage of a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling system which is available at waste sites across the region.

Those living in the area will be able to take old, unwanted or broken small electrical items, such as hairdryers, kettles, irons, toasters and microwaves, along to the specialised locations, according to a report in the Craven Herald.

The council will then be able to safely dispose of the items, which often contain environmentally-damaging and potentially toxic chemicals.

It will also be able to re-use certain components or sell on materials like metal to be used in production of other items.

This not only prevents valuable and dwindling landfill space from being used, it reduces future wastage as less new materials need to be produced.

Participating in the recycling scheme will allow people to get rid of old items cluttering up their home, knowing that they are being disposed of in a responsible manner.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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