Mobile phone giant LG has announced its plans for the future – and they are very flexible in more ways than one.

The Korean company has shared its roadmap for the future and one specific feature that will capture the attention of many is the fact that we could be playing with bendable smartphones next year.

The main thing that is making this possible is that LG wants to focus on Plastic Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays. This is instead of glass ones, which should completely overhaul all of their future devices.

LG has been able to create a plastic substrate (PI) that can remain stable under high temperatures. The company has also stated that "due to the development of the coating process of large format PI, it has become possible to manufacture PI film, which has enabled the plastic curving technology and the technology to eliminate unnecessary bubbles and foreign substances".

This, in turn, should make the actual bending of the devices possible to do.

It hasn’t been confirmed which handset will be getting the ‘bendable’ treatment, although following the LG G3 (which can’t bend, just in case anyone thought of testing it out), it could perhaps be the LG G4. However, it may be a bit safer for the company to try out this new feature on a different handset, one that isn’t already a successful flagship model.

If the thought of being able to play with and bend your phone next year is exciting, then 2017 is certainly going to be a fantastic year as LG has shown in its roadmap that the company may be experimenting with rollable screens.

For those who are perhaps a bit sceptical as to the chances of this actually happening, LG has stated: "The Plastic OLED’s potential is very promising. LG Display is devoting its energy and resources to respond quickly to fast growing market and consumers’ needs in order to develop Plastic OLED to become the key OLED application technology in the future."

It is hoped that with the flexibility of such bendable and rollable products they would become a part of everyday life.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801759375-ADNFCR

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