Vodafone has entered a deal with one of its rivals that could see both companies offer cheaper, greener services, it has been advised.

This week a partnership was announced between the company and Telefonica, the group behind O2 in the UK, which both groups claim will reinforce their commitment to sustainable business practices.

Among the moves that make up the deal will be the sharing of a number of asses – such as masts and telecommunications sites.

The news could be welcomed by environmental enthusiasts or those looking to recycle old mobilephones in favour of a greener, more ethically-conscious contract.

Michel Combes, chief executive of Vodafone Europe, said the partnership would help boost its business "while delivering on our pledge to reduce the environmental impact of our network roll out".

Those looking for an exclusive Vodafone or O2 handset can choose between the BlackBerry Storm and the Apple iPhone 3G respectively.

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