Vodafone has unveiled a mobile phone-charging umbrella to help festival-goers stay connected even when in the middle of a muddy field.

The Booster Brolly has been created in partnership with the University College London and is an eco-friendly charger powered by a series of flexible solar panels in the canopy.

Mobile phones will also be able to easily connect to 3G signal as the electrical current generated from the panels also powers a micro antenna.

The device works with a wide range of devices and can charge a smartphone in less than three hours.

Earlier this year, Nokia announced that it had tested the viability of solar mobile phone charging in different parts of the world on a particular prototype handset.

"We wanted to create a practical but high tech innovation that could genuinely improve festival-goers' experience. The concept Booster Brolly does that by merging cutting edge technology with a trusted and reliable umbrella," said Vodafone's director of brand marketing Danielle Crook.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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