Consumers who have recently recycled mobiles in order to pay for the latest phones may be interested in some new facilities that have been singled out for praise.

The three finalists to make it through to the last stage of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition were announced this week – and the network took the opportunity to outline what they have to offer.

Audioboo was the first of these and is described as a mini-podcasting software that allows users with the latest phones to upload short audio clips to the web – with famous users including TV personality and writer Stephen Fry.

Next up was Rummble, which Vodafone explained was a “location-based search and discovery tool”.

Finally, Woobius was chosen to enter the last phase of the event – which rewards innovation in handset-based business ventures – as its status as an information and collaboration point for architects and engineers was deemed a success.

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Written by Mazuma

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