Consumers who sign up to a pay-as-you-go deal with Virgin Media could benefit from its offer of free internet browsing for six months.

The firm is applying the incentive to purchases of the new VM800 handset, which has been specially designed by mobile provider Alcatel.

Designed with a "hot pink chrome finish" and incorporating a full qwerty keyboard, the model could be one of the must-haves for this summer.

It is also likely to be a winner with mobile fans on a budget, as it can be secured for £39.99 – and this includes £10 of airtime and 300 texts.

Virgin Media believes the device is particularly impressive when looking at the web, with its system optimised for speed and viewing experience and the large screen potentially a highlight for many.

The company says it is the UK’s leading entertainment and communications provider, with a range of telephone, television and internet products on offer.

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