Virgin Media has launched an Apple iOS mobile phone application, TiVo TV Anywhere, which allows its customers to watch live television whenever they are connected to Wi-Fi.

The company is also reportedly working on a Google Android version, which will allow owners of handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 to take advantage too.

Users will be able to watch documentaries on National Geographic, sport on ESPN, films on Sky Movies, entertainment on GOLD and music on Kiss. In total, 25 channels are available.

Those who download the application from the App Store for free will also be able to find out more information about shows.

Recommendations can be passed onto friends, by using the Facebook or Twitter share capabilities.

An iPhone owner can even use their device like a remote control, easily pausing live television and choosing what they would like to watch.

Integration of different services with smartphones shows how consumers are using the high-tech gadgets in many areas of their lives.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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