Twitter's video-based app Vine is now available for users who own Windows Phone 8-toting mobile phones.

With rival Facebook expected to launch its own photo and video app, Instagram, to the operating system soon, it appears that Twitter has beaten the social network.

Microsoft has gradually taken more of the market share, in fact it is the only operating system that increased its popularity in Europe, so it may be surprising that developers are taking so long to make the move to Windows Phone devices.

It appears that there will be more Windows Phone 8 devices on the market soon to, as Nokia is expected to release a number of new handsets, with code names being leaked earlier this week.

The Vine app for Windows Phone is fairly similar to those that users have had access to on other platforms for a while. However, there is one small change that designer Ryan Swigart mentioned in a blog post.

Windows Phone Vine users will be able to pin other user accounts to their home screen making them quick and easy to access.

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