Vibrating magnetic tattoos could one day be used to alert mobile phone users to phone calls and text messages if Nokia decides to follow up on a patent application it has filed in the US.

Nokia said the tattooing, stamping or spraying of "ferromagnetic" material on to a user's skin could be paired to a mobile device. It suggests a magnetic marking could be attached to either a user's arm, abdominal area, finger or fingernail.

"The magnetic field may cause vibration of one short pulse, multiple short pulses, few long pulses… strong pulses, weak pulses and so on," the filing reads.

The Finnish company is certainly not the only firm to investigate new uses for touch feedback. Both HTC and Samsung have released phones that slightly vibrate when the user types or presses buttons on the screen.

Unwired View news site stated that the application lists Cambridge-based Zoran Radivojevic as the innovation's lead inventor.

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