Luxury manufacturer Vertu has shunned the Windows Phone operating system (OS) for Android software in its latest release.

Chief executive Perry Oosting told the BBC that the company made this decision because the Google alternative is more established and has better "global reach".

Nokia previously owned the firm, and as such the Symbian platform was utilised in earlier models.

However, this partnership has since ended and the Finnish technology giant has 'switched off' its OS creation.

The handset will make the £529 Apple iPhone 5 look like a bargain, as it is set to go on the market for a mammoth €7,900 (£6,800).

Experts will carefully craft each individual handset at the headquarters in Hampshire, and leave their signature laser-inscribed on the interior.

The sapphire display can apparently only be scratched by diamond, meaning owners will not need to purchase screen protectors and can feel more confident carrying their gadget around in a bag.

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