VAIO launches new smartphone

Last year Sony announced that it was reforming its PC and TV businesses in a major move to transform the way it operates in certain areas. One of the biggest changes to come out of this was the decision to sell the department that was operating under the VAIO brand.

Since then, VAIO has been busy refining its own base of operations. It is looking to develop a new indentity of its own and has, in line with this ambitious outlook, launched a new smartphone.

This is a seminal moment, as while we all recognise the distinct logo and immediately associate it with Sony, this is a completely new identity (which poses the question, as to why there has not been a rebrand).

It's a stylish little number. There's nothing grand about it, no notable departure from the expected aesthetic of the handheld devices, but nevertheless, in its own quiet way, it looks rather distinct.

In many ways, VAIO is playing it safe, delivering what is a perfectly sound smartphone that ticks all the boxes but doesn't go out of its way to say, for example, that this is a new standard. It's not an innovator, but a welcome alternative to other similar models.

As is typical, it comes with a five-inch, high resolution touchscreen facade, a 13 megapixel camera, an Android 5.0 operating system and two gigabytes of RAM. As VAIO describes it, a "simple and stylish" mobile.

There is still a lot to be done for the brand to establish itself as a serious player in today's smartphone market, but based on this effort, it is fair to say that you can expect a lot over the next few years.

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