Travel is definitely up there with some of the most stressful experiences an individual can have. From making the initial plans, to sorting out your foreign change and booking activities for while you are away, it’s something even the most organised person can struggle with.

Luckily, there is no need to fear in this digital day and age, as your trusty smartphone can come to the rescue in pretty much any dilemma. However, the only thing a phone can’t help with is making sure the weather is good…

Booking your flight

Searching for flights that suit budget and travel plans can sometimes be quite the challenge and having help in doing this is certainly an advantage. Most airlines, such as Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Ryanair and British Airways, have their own apps that you can download on most Android devices and iPhones.

Apps such as Expedia and SkySkanner are really useful to have in that they search the cheapest flights for your needs in seconds, not only saving you money but also time. Being able to book flights while being mobile is especially handy if you want to get a specific flight before it goes.

Sorting out a hotel

Once you have your actual transport sorted, the next step is getting your accommodation booked in. has a fabulous app which is so simple to use and you can refine searches depending on the distance, price and rating.

For those who may be travelling for longer, perhaps even backpacking somewhere exotic, the Hostelworld app is a must. Being able to find a bed last minute in a city you are new to is exactly what you may need, and that is just what the app does.

Check in and board

Many airports now have the access to use mobile phone scanners for those who want to check in for flights. Just make sure you have downloaded the app for the particular airline and use it to input your details to check in. You can then activate your boarding pass and keep it on your phone until it’s needed. Knowing that you don’t need to find a printer and log onto a computer to do this is a huge relief, especially if you are prone to losing your documents.

This feature is particularly useful given the fees some airlines charge when you forget to print off your boarding card.

Lists, lists, lists

PackPoint, the app that’s available to download for free on iPhones and Android devices will change your life when it comes to going away. The app can actually generate a list of items that you should pack before your travels; all you need to do is enter information including the destination, length of your stay and the purpose of the trip. Et voila, PackPoint works out what you need to pack, even taking into account how the weather will be.

There is really no need to ever have to worry that you forgot to pack the essentials next time you go away.

Go off the beaten track

For the more spontaneous traveller, Pin Drop is the perfect app to make a note of all the different places you came across that you wouldn’t necessarily read about in a travel book. Simply ‘drop’ a digital pin onto a map when you come across somewhere unique and you then have it as a sort of memory book. You can also use the app to browse recommended sights, restaurants and experiences that other users have come across.

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