People who trade-in a mobile and upgrade to one of the latest smartphones can join the mCommerce revolution.

New research by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows a total of 51 per cent of mobile customers use their handset for retail purposes, whether this be to make a purchase, redeem a coupon or take a look at a product.

Such a statistic means 23 million Britons are already shopping through their device.

But the potential for more people to do so remains significant, if one expert is to be believed.

"Almost half of mobile users are making purchases and of those who don't, half again are certain they will in the future," explains Alex Kozloff, mobile manager at the IAB.

He adds businesses may be wise to invest in a high-quality presence on the platform now in order to take advantage of the likelihood of increased trade.

Perhaps the best network with which to browse the internet is Three, which last week announced it has further upgraded its provision of mobile broadband in the UK.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw

Written by Mazuma

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