Unlock your phone with your eyes

It was announced back in March at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to much fanfare, but details were scant. However, more demonstrations about Fujitsu’s pioneering iris-based smartphone authentication method have been given and it looks amazing.

Due to launch later this year, the technology basically allows a user to unlock their phone by looking at the screen. This helps make it even more secure, as it is extremely difficult – if not impossible – to duplicate.

Presently, there are limited options to security. There is, of course, the traditional password methodology – principally numerical – and increasingly fingerprint scanning. While the latter is robust, it can sometimes be inconvenient.

“The screen can be unlocked simply by looking at it, which eliminates the trouble of having to use one's hands such as at times when one is wearing gloves and cannot use one's fingerprint,” Fujitsu explained a couple of months ago.

“This results in a dramatic improvement in usability. In addition to unlocking smartphones, iris authentication could be used to log into web services without having to input an ID or password, enabling simple and secure access. Fujitsu will explore applying this technology to a wide range of fields, including security systems.”

This technology will, no doubt, become something of a standard in smartphones. Given how important these devices are, how regularly they are used and the kind of sensitive and personal information that they access/store, users will want to feel more confident that they are protected.

What software like Fujitsu’s biometric authentication method analyses is a person’s iris, which, we are told, is unique to us and, more interestingly, does not change much in scope from early childhood.

It does look like the kind of future you see in movies and read about in sci-fi books is beginning to materialise. It’s an exciting future and one that will be coming your way sometime in 2015.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801787029-ADNFCR

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