Mobile phone owners in the UK download more data than any other nation, indicating that they are most eager to utilise the capabilities of modern smartphones.

The typical Brit used 424 megabytes in December 2011, perhaps to stream videos, listen to music, read emails, browse the web or update their social networking page.

A high market penetration of smartphones contributes, as old mobile phones do not have the same functionality which makes using the internet so convenient.

Almost six-in-ten Brits own a modern device, and among the most popular could be handsets like the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Touch screens make surfing the web intuitive and easy, and this motivates more consumers to use their handset as their main internet connection method.

Constantly improving networks from telecommunications providers also means looking at sites on-the-go is becoming increasingly attractive.

EE recently launched its high-speed 4G system which allows those with Long Term Evolution (LTE) gadgets to download data more quickly than on 3G.

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