Twitter has been named as the best breakout website of the year.

The micro-blog portal, which is popular with mobile phone users as it enables them to tell friends what they are doing in 140 characters or less, has been confirmed as the winner of this category at the 13th annual Webby Awards.

It will become the recipient of a Special Achievement Award after growing by 900 per cent in the last 12 months and allowing everyone from celebrities to civilians the chance to ‘Tweet’ – which is the name given to Twitter updates.

Of the site and other Webby winners, executive director David Michael Davies said: “Their vision and creativity, like those of all of our winners, have helped make the internet a richer, more exciting, and more vibrant experience.”

Twitter updates also include how the Tweet was made – so if someone uses one of the latest web-enabled phones, it will say so online.

It could be great fun for those who are tempted to recycle their phone and use the cash for a new one.

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