Twitter, one of the world’s most popular and loved social media platforms, will soon be snooping on the other apps users have on their smartphones in a way to offer ads which are tailored to them individually.

How does it work?

In a post on its Help Center, Twitter said: “To help build a more personal Twitter experience for you, we are collecting and occasionally updating the list of apps installed on your mobile device so we can deliver tailored content that you might be interested in.”

The ‘app graph’ will only be looking at the list of applications each user has installed, and Twitter promises that it will not be looking into the actual data that is included within these, which should hopefully lay to rest and fears that people have of their personal data being used.

Ads will be more tailored to your interests

Twitter also stated that the reasoning behind implementing this feature was so that they could improve an individual’s ‘who to follow’ suggestions, so that you are better suited to those who share similar interests. They will also be using the information gathered to add accounts, tweets and other various types of content onto your timeline, which you should find more engaging and interesting.

However, there is of course the option to not have this feature on your smartphone should you rather be without it.

Twitter added: “If you have previously opted out of interest-based ads by turning on “Limit Ad Tracking” on your Apple phone or by adjusting your Google phone settings to “Opt out of interest-based ads,” we will not collect your apps unless you adjust your device settings.”

For those who are unsure whether or not the feature has been already implemented onto their device, Twitter said: “We will notify you about this feature being turned on for your account by showing a prompt letting you know that to help tailor your experience, Twitter uses the apps on your device. Until you see this prompt, this setting is turned off and we are not collecting a list of your apps.”

How Smartphones & Apps make our live easier

Smartphones are constantly evolving and so do apps – Twitter is just an example of how the apps we have installed in our Smartphones work together to improve our experience as users.

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