In the battle between social media sites Twitter and Facebook, there were always a couple of things that Facebook could offer that just made it a tiny bit more user-friendly for those who prefer group privacy and enjoy visual and audio content.

However, the stakes are now up as Twitter has announced some new features which will no doubt make many of its millions of users happy.

In a recent blog post, it was confirmed that Twitter had introduced a brand new group messaging feature. While Twitter is very much a public site, allowing users to connect to and engage with celebrities, politicians, artists etc, the news that it will now allow private group conversations is undoubtedly a great step in the right direction.

While you could always Direct Message (DM) with people on a one-to-one basis, should you want to converse with others in the same conversation, you had to do it your actual Twitter page, which would not only fill up your followers’ timelines, but meant that you couldn’t be as personal and private as you may have wished.

Now, however, with the new group messaging feature, you have more options for who you connect with and talk to privately, with a maximum of 20 being allowed to join a group chat.

What’s more is that the group function will allow you to open a chat with any of your followers, however, the other members within your group chat do not need to follow one another to be able to chat, which is refreshing given that for a one-on-one private chat you would need to be following each other.

Group messaging isn’t the only new feature that the microblogging site has announced, and Android and iOS smartphone users will undoubtedly begin to get very excited as you can now share videos on Twitter!

That’s right, clear some storage in your smartphone and head out to take some cool clips from the app. While you have always only been allowed to write 140 characters in a Tweet, this new feature will allow you to express yourself a little better.

The feature is simple and easy to use, and within a few taps of your finger you could be sharing a video with the world! You can also edit them within the app as well as watch videos posted by those you are following.

The videos will last for up to 30 seconds and iPhone users can upload videos from their camera roll too so that any previous videos you always wanted to share can be!

While the video feature is gradually being rolled out over the next few weeks, you can watch videos from public users who have posted. Interestingly enough, the first ever Tweet sent using a video came from How I Met Your Mother and Gone Girl actor, Neil Patrick Harris, and it was an inside scoop about this year’s Oscars, which he will be presenting!

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