People who trade-in their mobile in order to raise funds with which to buy an Apple iPhone may find they enjoy using an app that is "worth getting excited about", in the words of one expert.

Stuart Dredge, writing for CNET UK, explains Twimon is a new release that shares many similarities with popular social networking site Twitter.

In fact, he notes it is a "new kind of Twitter" with a legion of monsters and other animated characters added.

"Remind you of anything? As its name makes clear, Twimon is a cross between Twitter and Pokemon, with location-based features reminding us of social iPhone apps like Foursquare and MyTown," states Mr Dredge.

Users are able to tweet and send messages to associates while also keeping up to date with how their favourite characters are doing.

Michael Sawh, writing for news and reviews site T3, this week suggested a white version of the iPhone 4 could be about to hit the shelves.

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