The sudden loss of battery life is an inconvenience for many mobile phone users, particularly those who are unable to regularly recharge their device.

But by trading-in their handset and upgrading to one with new active-matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) technology, people could find their power lasts longer.

Ian, author of the Nokia Conversations blog, AMOLED tackles the problem of energy being guzzled by the display screen on a phone, which along with the transmitter and receiver is the biggest user of power.

While telecommunications experts have been able to minimise the effect of the latter in recent times, the problem of energy escaping through the screen remains.

But AMOLED not only uses less of the battery, it also produces more natural colours, perhaps enhancing its appeal to those looking to buy a new device.

Nokia yesterday (August 24th) announced the release of the 5250 model and is set to unveil the N8 later this year.

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