People who have traded-in a mobile phone and upgraded to a Nokia handset with the proceeds have another option when it comes to instant access to music.

Adam, writing the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explains Soundtrckr is an app that allows users with a device running on the Symbian operating system to hear the tracks they want.

Using a blend of internet, radio and social networking, he describes the tool as one of the new ways of listening to tunes.

“Internet radio isn’t new, but what is new is the social integration and the ability to tune into local radio stations, using the GPS in your phone,” the author states.

Soundtrckr is now easier to download than ever before, as its previous home at Nokia Beta Labs has been updated so that it is now found in the Ovi Store.

Among the Nokia devices people may wish to run the programme on are the new N8 and C7 models, each featuring strong and reliable internet connectivity.

Posted by Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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