Trading-in a mobile and replacing it with an Apple iPhone may be a good move for many mobile customers for numerous reasons.

And now those interested in such a transaction can add another to the list – the arrival of Google Places as an app.

Greg Blevins, a software engineer and author of the Google Mobile blog, explains the feature, which was recently launched on Hotpot, is now available in app form.

Places allows people to search for a range of facilities – from restaurants to garages and hotels – and provides information and reviews on them.

It could be particularly useful to mobile users who spend a lot of time in parts of the country with which they are unfamiliar.

As well as simply providing a list of results based on the terms of a search, Places seeks to personalise the suggestions bearing in mind data it has picked up about the owner.

Google has recently announced it is to launch a new Android operating system, to be known as Honeycomb.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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