People who trade in their mobile phone and switch to a newer model are likely to find they can easily book a table at a local restaurant.

Andris Berzins, chief marketing officer at Livebookings, explained the technology to make reservations via a mobile is now widespread.

Indeed, he suggested that eateries that do not subscribe to the method are sure to be missing out on vital custom.

"Restaurants that don't facilitate mobile reservations are missing out on a massive opportunity to fill tables. It's vital that the restaurant sector continues to innovate," Mr Berzins stated.

It could be just as important that consumers keep up with the latest mobile phones in order to be in a position to take advantage of such technology.

Research by TripAdvisor that was revealed recently showed that some 29 per cent of people who use their mobiles while travelling will do so to find out more about restaurants.

Posted by Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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