Enthusiastic gamblers who enjoy sports betting are among a group who could benefit greatly from trading-in a mobile phone and upgrading to a device with a good internet connection.

That is because Geoff Read, chief financial officer at Mfuse, believes there is set to be an explosion in the amount of handset owners using their model to place wagers.

While he admits this method is not yet the most common way to back a particular sporting outcome, it has the potential to be.

“With the increase of in-running betting in football particularly, people are betting while the event is actually happening and while they’re actually there – it makes a lot of sense to use a mobile,” says Mr Read.

He adds he expects the proportion of gamblers switching to mobiles over other vehicles for putting a bet on to rise in the coming years.

Speaking at this year’s Global Gaming Expo Conference in Las Vegas, Spectrum Gaming Group associate Gene Johnson noted the industry is being revolutionised by the emergence of mobile gambling.

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