App fans might be wise to trade in their mobiles in favour of upgrading to Android devices if they are to make the most of the features on the market.

Fernando Delgado, product manager of Android apps, writing the latest Google Mobile Blog, explained the brand offers a comprehensive service.

He noted it boasts more than 200,000 apps that can be used by owners of some 300 handsets – a situation that has resulted in approximately 4.5 billion downloads.

Android is now making it easier for consumers to snap up their favourite apps, as Mr Delgado identified the top ways to do so.

He suggested visiting the new top app charts, where a list of the best-performing tools will be available, as well as taking a look at the editor's choice.

Nokia Conversations writer Ian recently named LinkedIn as an app that he recommends and believes is a must for businesspeople.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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