Mobile phone users may wish to trade in their devices once they consider some of the security risks associated with modern handsets.

Adam, writing for Nokia Conversations, explained mobiles these days contain a significant amount of “valuable information”.

As such, he has compiled a list of the top five apps that provide security and limit the risk of details being leaked or stolen.

Firstly, the writer nominated F-Secure Mobile Security, a company he said has more than 15 years’ experience in the antivirus market.

Kaspersky Mobile Security and Theft Aware 2.0 Trial Version are others that phone owners might like to download in order to stay safe.

Adam went on to suggest Track and Protect as another wise investment, with the £8 download fee perhaps a bargain in the case of burglary, as it allows the device to be traced should it be taken.

Other apps to receive praise recently include a tool made by University of Southampton students to offer live bus timetables in the Hampshire city, as reported by the Daily Echo.

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