People who trade-in a mobile phone and use the cash to splash out on the new HTC Desire HD will be investing in a handset that is a refined upgrade of the original model.

Hannah Bouckley, reviewing the device for T3, says she has been looking forward to its release for some time and it “certainly looks impressive”.

She notes HTC has clearly chosen to tweak rather than revolutionise the standard Desire, but crucially has managed to retain its easy-to-use nature.

Among the major advantages of owning the phone are its high-quality web browsing and video playing capabilities, the expert explains.

“We really enjoyed using the HTC Desire HD. It is a great phone and one of the best Android handsets on the market,” Ms Bouckley concludes.

Mobile network Three recently confirmed it will be stocking the HTC Desire HD, joining the likes of Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile in doing so.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw

Written by Mazuma

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