People who want to enjoy some expert help with their finances could trade in their mobiles in favour of switching to an iPhone.

That is because IFA Life has launched a brand new app specially for the revolutionary Apple device, offering tips and guidance on how to use money.

Professional independent financial advisers (IFAs) have written the information contained within the app, so its content should be treated with respect.

My Money Tip – as the app is known – works by releasing financial information in small-sized doses.

“Our new My Money Tip initiative will raise the profile of IFAs to a younger market – and indeed to older consumers who love the internet,” explained IFA Life founder Philip Calvert.

He went on to note that the Twitter-style updates offered by the app are ideal, as they are easy to understand and appeal to modern consumers.

The newest model of the Apple range is the iPhone 4, which was released in the UK last June.

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