People who require or simply enjoy regular access to their emails, even while they are out and about, may be wise to trade-in a mobile and upgrade to an Apple iPhone.

That is because the popular Gmail messaging service has received two updates that will benefit users of the revolutionary device.

Brett Lider, user experience designer and author of the latest Google Mobile Blog, says the first noticeable improvement relates to scrolling around pages, which he describes as "snappier".

This allows people to get to their correspondence much quicker than before and with fewer clicks.

Another improvement to the service on offer comes in the form of the toolbar, which now stays in place even while consumers are scrolling, meaning it is easier to navigate the app.

Apple released the latest incarnation of the popular model, the iPhone 4, in June and it went on to sell more than 1.7 million units within three days of hitting the shelves.

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Posted by Paul Whalley 

Written by Mazuma

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