People who trade-in a mobile for cash can put the money towards an Apple iPhone and enjoy a detailed look at what lies below the ocean’s surface.

That is because the latest version of Google Earth has been launched, with the technology specially adapted for owners of iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Peter Birch, Google Earth product manager, writing for the Google Mobile Blog, says users of the devices can view hundreds of photographs and videos taken of the ocean.

It will also work in conjunction with the new Retina display technology, meaning those with an iPhone 4 can view the content in even greater detail.

The latest version of the mapping service could persuade many to trade-in their old phone in favour of the revolutionary device, which also allows people to explore dry land.

Google Earth 3.2 is available to download now from the App Store and may offer hours of fun.

Apple’s plans to launch the iPhone 4 around the world are to step up this weekend when the phone is released to the Chinese market for the first time.

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