Britons who would like to make their shopping experiences a little easier could find trading-in a mobile for money with Mazuma helps their quest.

Rich Trenholm, author of a piece for CNET UK, explains Orange and Barclaycard have teamed up to offer the service in the UK for the first time.

It means those who would like to be among the first consumers to try out the technology – which allows people to pay for goods in retail outlets by simply waving their handset in front of a scanner – need to switch to Orange as soon as possible.

To take part, Britons will also require a mobile phone with an NFC chip and a relevant credit card account.

Commenting on the benefits, Mr Trenholm states: "Forget fumbling for change or worrying about the weirdo behind you seeing your PIN – this summer, you'll be able to pay for things with just an airy wave of your mobile phone."

Everything Everywhere – the company part-run by Orange – confirmed the technology this week and revealed it will be in use at 40,000 stores around the UK.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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