Network O2 has launched a new tool that will allow those who have traded-in a mobile phone and signed up to a deal with it to view the status of the internet in their part of the country.

The firm has unveiled its new coverage checker, which is designed to illustrate the strength and status of the web in any particular area.

It also boasts a detailed map that shows the quality of internet people can expect to find, depending on their location.

Gavin Sheldon, head of networks at O2, said: "We think providing accurate, detailed information is much more useful to our customers than providing abstract percentages which may not mean much in terms of actual network experience."

The technology is based on signal reception in each postcode around the UK and also offers news on upcoming maintenance work.

News of the tool could be a response to a recent YouGov poll that named rival network Three as the country's top provider of mobile broadband.

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