Consumers can trade in mobile phones, upgrade to a smartphone and use it to go shopping, which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, according to new research.

A study conducted by comScore revealed that there has been a rise of 163 per cent in the number of people using such devices to purchase goods since May last year.

The EU5 region saw 80 per cent growth over the same period, the research found.

As well as accessing retail sites through their mobile phones, consumers are also accessing auction sites and shopping guides.

Jeremy Copp, comScore Europe vice-president for mobile, said: "Over the past year, online retailers enjoyed strong growth in visitation from mobile devices in Europe, largely driven by the acceleration in smartphone ownership."

According to a recent study by Compuware Corporation, 56 per cent of consumers in the UK using a smartphone expect a web page to load as quickly as or faster than it would were they using their PC.

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