One company has drawn attention to the power of recycling mobile phones as a force for giving.

As part of an initiative to encourage people to hand in their used handsets for cash, CLIC Sargent has asked people to consider how money can be generated in this way for a good cause.

The firm recently announced its first ever recycling month, which is scheduled to run throughout September with all funds going to support families affected by childhood cancer.

Mark Good, recycling co-ordinator for CLIC Sargent, said the idea behind mobile recycling was very simple and there was no reason why many people could not get involved.

“I expect everyone has at least one mobile phone they are no longer using tucked away somewhere at home,” he explained, adding that trading these items in also means you are de-cluttering your home and “helping the environment”.

For some, an office-based charity recycling drive could be a good way to generate cash for used mobiles.

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