Touchscreen devices are very much the current trend for what people want in a mobile, it has been suggested.

According to a spokesman for, an independent site which compares prices and tariffs on the latest phones, said the iPhone had taken the lead – but there are now many other such models now available.

One such model that had not only "performed very well", but was also noted as an affordable alternative to the Apple model was the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – which is the Finnish manufacturer’s first foray into the full touchscreen market.

Karl Sharpe, staff writer at the site, explained: "Touchscreens certainly seem to be the in fad, certainly from a design standpoint, every phone that’s being announced at the moment has a touch functionality."

He went on to mention Nokia’s other latest flagship model – the N97 – as well as the first BlackBerry to come with a touch interface – the Vodafone-exclusive Storm.

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