Individuals might wish to sell mobiles and switch to a smartphone when they see the rate of development in touchscreen technology.

Dr Jennifer Colegrove, vice-president of emerging display technologies at DisplaySearch, explained the future is bright for the equipment.

She predicted a number of changes over the future months and years, as touchscreens advance in different ways.

For example, the expert suggested the “ideal” outcome is for touchscreens to soon sense both fingers and pens.

“Touch is [also] becoming more intuitive – you can swipe your finger to turn the page, things like that. So that’s another direction I think the touch industry is moving towards,” Dr Colegrove stated.

She went on to add that the arrival of a pen is a must, as this can help people write or draw on their device.

Pocket-Lint recently told how Starbucks has released an app for the Apple iPhone that makes use of its ability to offer one-touch technology.

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