A new survey has looked at how switching off your Toshiba TG01 next time you are in the cinema may be a good idea.

Conducted by Orange, the research found 14 per cent of patrons believe a beeping device is the most annoying thing that can happen while watching a movie.

However, this was not the main offender for respondents, as 46 per cent said having the back of their chair kicked was the biggest irritation and 15 per cent suggested it was having the screen blocked by the person in front.

The same number advised people talking or repeating lines and quotes from the feature presentation got under their skin the most, while two percent cried foul on children throwing popcorn and one per cent complained about lovers smooching in the back row.

Andy Pearcey, senior partnership manager of Orange, said: "Film fans want to see more than just good value – they want to immerse themselves in the action, kick back and enjoy the best movie experience possible."

The network sponsors a weekly two-for-one deal on Wednesdays at theatres up and down the country and features a number of stars in its trailers – most recently these have been Juliette Lewis and Emilio Estevez.

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