Following the exclusive launch of the Toshiba TG01 and LG Watch Phone, Orange has announced a new merger plan.

The network confirmed today that its parent company Deutsche Telekom was in talks with T-Mobile owner France Telecom to create the UK’s single largest mobile operator.

Mobile recycling customers were advised that should any such deal be completed, it would be a structured partnership based on a 50:50 split and would include internet services.

Timotheus Hottges, chief financial officer of Deutsche Telekom, said the move could create "the best mobile broadband offer in Britain".

Gervais Pellissier, his opposite number at T-Mobile’s parent group, added the collaboration could also be good for competition, as well as offer "improved coverage, quality of service and an enhanced capacity to develop new services and technologies".

T-Mobile was also the first network to bring Google’s Android operating system to UK consumers when it launched the HTC-built G1 device.

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