Buyers of mobile phones are increasingly considering the provision of a high-quality navigation system on any potential new device as a key factor.

Adam, author of the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explains sat nav is more popular than ever, with people becoming used to having the technology at their fingertips.

He predicts over the next five years there will be more emphasis on providing navigation products that are location-aware, following on from the decision of social networking sites such as Facebook to offer the opportunity to add a position to updates.

The combination of standard sat nav with the location-based technology results in a product known as A-GPS, which suffers far less inaccuracies.

It is also significantly faster than normal systems and offers instructions in seconds. names the iPhone 4 as one of its best mobile phones with built-in GPS, with others making up the shortlist including the BlackBerry Torch and HTC Desire HD.

Posted by Peter Robinson

Written by Mazuma

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