Top Instagram accounts for getting fit and healthy

Summer is finally here and it’s time to look sharp in our season threads. However, some of us will not feel that confident about showing our bodies off because we feel unfit and unhealthy.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to get your body in shape and your diet in order with these top five Instagram accounts.

The Rock

Who: The Rock is one of the greatest and most charismatic icons of wrestling who has successfully transitioned into a bankable Hollywood action hero. He can be seen in the new disaster movie San Andreas.

What: The great thing about The Rock’s Instagram account is, to state the obvious, him. His jokey but serious approach to working out makes him and his ripped build more accessible – we too can get to such a position and have fun doing it.

Jen Sinkler

Who: Jen Sinkler is a former rugby player from the US who now specialises in, among other things, strength training. It’s certainly a distinct approach to keeping fit and strong and it gives her a unique voice.

What: Her account is excellent because she mixes up posts of her working out with powerful quotes and snippets of her life. Again, like The Rock, it shows that keeping fit and healthy does not need to get in the way of a good and interesting life.

Jay Cardiello

Who: Jay Cardiello is a big name in the celebrity world and credited with helping the likes of 50 Cent, Kevin Love, Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara into excellent shape. He has founded a “multifaceted wellness programme” called JCORE.

What: His Instagram account is well curated, delivering a range of media that keeps you engaged and inspired. It includes the yummy but healthy dishes he is currently eating, as well as videos of him “smashing it up” at the gym.

Nicole Winhoffer

Who: Nicole Winhoffer describes herself as a “fitness artist”, whose ambition and passion is to make a healthy and active lifestyle more poetic. As she states, “I creatively combine the art of inner expression and fitness”.

What: Nicole certainly puts the fun into keeping fit, offering readers a glimpse into a more engaging, music-focused approach to achieving the kind of body they want. There are lots of videos of her classes and they look captivating.

Joe Wicks

Who: Joe Wicks is an “online nutrition coach” who helps people all over the world get lean in just 90 days, all without having to cut down on calories. It is simply about “shifting, shaping and sustaining”.

What: The title of his Instagram account is the Body Coach and it is full of loads of before and after images of people follow his effective approach to getting fit and losing weight, all without compromising on eating. It’s uplifting stuff.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801791002-ADNFCR

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