Consumers could be encouraged to trade in their mobile in order to upgrade to a new handset.

Website cnet has listed five of the most popular new handsets on the market which have all been highly rated but offer a range of different features.

One option when upgrading could be the Motorola Droid, which is said to have a “gorgeous display” and a “lightning fast” operating system.

The Apple iPhone 3GS is also praised for being a “compelling upgrade” due to new features and an “extended battery life”.

Samsung‘s Instinct HD is said to have a “sleeker design than its predecessor” which could encourage users of older Samsung models to get cash for their mobile.

Another handset for consideration could be the BlackBerry Bold 9700, which is said to appeal to “consumers and mobile professionals alike”.

A comparison by recently stated that the Nexus One “is more phone-centric, while the Nokia N900 is more web and media-focused”, suggesting that consumers consider which handset suits their needs.

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