Top accessories for your mobile

Accessories are an invaluable asset for most modern mobiles. Not only can they help to protect your phone against the elements, they can also make the experience of using your phone much easier and more efficient.

Accessories include anything from the fairly simple (mobile phone cases) to the truly innovative (3D printers) and virtually anything in between.

Initially, the variety of accessories on offer were fairly limited, but nowadays, you can get an accessory for just about anything you want to do on your mobile.

We discuss a few of these below.

Go.oey phone case

Ok, so let's start off with the simplest one. Phone cases are an invaluable accessory, as they can protect our phones from scratches, bad weather and potential breakages.

However, the Go.oey phone case goes further and will stick to any gloss smooth surface.

This means that they are particularly useful for watching a video call or a movie.

The great thing is they do not feel sticky.

Mophie Space Pack

If like millions of people across the country, you are an iPhone lover, then be sure to get yourself a protective casing, such as the Mophie Space Pack.

It even comes with its own battery, and has memory built into it.

You can choose from 16GB or 32GB of storage. 

Sandisk memory card

If you would like to add extra memory to your mobile phone, then you are likely to love the SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card.

You can add up to 32GB with a card like this and is much more cost-effective than buying a higher capacity phone.

Hands-free set

Possessing a hands-free mobile phone set is a staple for most mobile phone users. Clearly, driving with one hand on your wheel and the other on your mobile is dangerous and illegal, however a hands-free set means you can chat away, whilst keeping a careful eye on the road.

Phone charger

By the same token, having a phone charger in your car is incredibly useful – particularly for long journeys.


Gone are the days when you needed a whole truck full of equipment to DJ at a party or club. Nowadays, with mobile phones being so powerful having so many musical apps attached to them, all you need is a high quality set of speakers to amplify the music.

Wireless camera

If the camera on your mobile isn't that great, why not invest in an additional camera, such as Philip's In.Sight, which is a wireless monitor.

It records in 720p high-definition quality is linked to your Wi-Fi network.


If you love listening to music, you'll definitely want to grab yourself a pair of headphones.

Some of the best headphones are lightweight and comes complete with a set of adapters to suit different sized ears.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801787638-ADNFCR

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