Top 6 health apps

The developments in contemporary technology has made it much easier to keep fit and healthy, as the modern day consumer has a number of fitness and health related apps and software designed to make it easier to keep in shape.

Regardless of what health conditions you may be facing – there is almost certain to be a smartphone app to help you manage it better.

In fact, within the medical and pharmaceutical industries, there is always ongoing research and development into harnessing smartphone technology to boost our health.

We take a look at just a few of the applications available below.

Hot5 Fitness

Figuring out a fitness routine that slots nicely into your lifestyle can be an uphill challenge for some.

However, the Hot5 Fitness app sets out a number of quality step-by-step workouts led by some of the best coaches in the industry.

Whether you are looking to shed some of that tummy fat, strengthen your muscles, or improve your fitness, you are sure to find a routine that meets your requirements.

It benefits from being incredibly user-friendly, and no Wi-Fi is needed for it to work!


But how do you know whether the fitness routine you have worked out is working? The Argus is an analytics tool that it can help you to track and monitor your progress.

It works by staying on in the background of your mobile phone and is able to tell whether you are changing speed, or changing elevation.

It’s colourful graphs can provide a pictorial representation of your progress so far.

Strava Cycling and Running

If you love cycling and running this app is perfect for you. While many apps track the movements of runners – this lets you have the best of both worlds by tracking cycling too.

It can also connect you to a community of cyclists who compete in a number of different fitness activities.

Allergy FT

If you suffer from allergies, then knowing which foods are ok and which ones are problematic can be a bit of an uphill struggle.

This is even more so when you are based in a foreign country. However, Allergy FT allows you to create a profile with a list of your allergies, select the country you are visiting and then translates that information into the native language of the country you are in.


However if you are looking for a one on one support, then it doesn’t get much better with rise.

This pairs you up with a registered dietician with whom you can talk through your goals, and take a picture of the meals you eat.

They can check your choices and make suggestions for you.


If you find it a little bit of a struggle knowing which foods to buy in the first place, then Shopwell may be right up your street!

This app works by enabling you to create profiles with your age, gender, goals and allergies. You then scan the barcodes of the things you pick up in the shops. It will then rate items according to their nutritional value.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801786481-ADNFCR

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