The latest upgrade to Samsung‘s range of mobile phones is a stylish and powerful handset that is worthy of attention, according to a recent review.

In a piece for the Cnet UK website, Flora Graham looks at the manufacturer’s Tocco Ultra and notes the device is a great new touchscreen model that may be of interest to some.

The article notes the "fabulously bright" AMOLED screen and eight-megapixel camera are positive additions to the gadget and the "brave" dark grey and red finish is ultimately a success.

"Samsung has packed a huge wealth of features into a slim and sexy handset," Ms Graham adds.

However, she does note the Ultra’s "fiddly" user interface means "it isn’t the easiest phone to use", but adds this is a small complaint on a handset that boasts such "good looks" and power.

The original Samsung Tocco – which featured a five-megapixel camera and came in black – could be recycled in order to generate cash to purchase its successor.

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