There are a number of things people can do to ensure their child grows up with the environment in mind, according to one expert.

In an article for, green living specialist Marisa Belger says teaching a toddler the right way to go about recycling is just one of the things you can do to make them more ecologically-considerate.

She notes the easiest way to do this “is to do those things yourself” and as such it is important to adopt certain attitudes towards daily life that include how you eat, shop and clean – as well as remembering the “three R’s”.

“Reduce, Reuse [and] Recycle plays an essential role in living a greener life,” Ms Belger adds, suggesting parents should “resist the urge to … dump something you own”.

Her comments could inspire many to trade in mobilephones that are no longer required. The cash could be used to help pay for the many expenses that come with raising a little one.

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