The value of work-related productivity apps

We are all looking to be more organised at work, yet, even with the best of intentions, you can get to the end of the day – or the working week – and sigh. You didn’t get everything done and lo and behold, the next time you turn up at work, you’ll have more work to do on top of the existing obligations. It’s not an easy life.

It is certainly true that most of us feel overworked. Think about it – you will quite often speak about or hear your colleagues, friends and family members talk about how busy they have been and how stressed they are at work. It’s like none of us have any time during our normal hours to get things done.

In such a scenario, it isn't our fault that we find ourselves under constant pressure. We usually have multiple projects on the go, all of which have their own deadlines and demands. And then, just as we’re about to see the light at the end of the tunnel, something happens – there’s a delay, a memo was missed and something was misunderstood.

Some of the stresses we experience though, well, if we’re honest, it has to do with the fact that we’re disorganised. Not so much in an overly negative way mind you, whereby one is not up to the job at all – we’re more than capable. It’s just sometimes we feel like we get into a web of chaos that is rather hard to get out of.

This is where work productivity apps come in. There are loads of them these days and there is a reason for this – we want to be better and acknowledge that our current, non-tech approaches are lacking in effectiveness. We need a better system, one that is more convenient and relevant to our lives.

Apps fit into that perfectly. Not only are they available on the number one device in our lives – smartphones, of course – but they can be accessed on other devices, such as tablets, laptops and desktops. Moreover, we can move from one platform to the other with little effort these days – we’re always connected.

This means, whatever it is you’re doing, wherever you may be and whatever device you may be engaged with, your productivity app is always accessible. This, in effect, makes it harder to miss out on tasks, commitments and meetings that you have lined up. The information is there, right in front of you, in a clever package that makes you want to keep on top of things.

It takes a while to adjust to this new reality and it may seem like there is a lot of effort in documenting and planning your working day, week or month, but unfortunately, this is how you keep organised. The apps available to you are just a 21st century way of doing this. Once you get into the rhythm of things, you’ll feel a lot better about your working life.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801790727-ADNFCR

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