The next few years could see a number of people recycling their mobile phones in favour getting their hands on new smartphones that are likely to combine touch screens with other technologies, an expert has suggested.

Public relations and communications manager at Touch International Jamie Sewell said the combination of touch, motion and voice will lead to touch-less gestures and voice-driven interactivity.

Ms Sewell said the Siri, the personal assistant application for Apple’s iPhone 4S, is an early example of what sort of technologies to expect in the near future.

“Combining touch screens with other technologies is most certainly the future of interactivity. As voice and motion technologies become more developed, these breakthroughs will join touch in delivering a more sophisticated user experience,” she added.

Recent figures suggest that iPhone 4s owners use twice as much data than on the handset’s predecessor, with much of this being put down to the flagship Siri app.

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