September can be the time for new beginnings, especially in the academic world. Thousands and thousands of young people will pack up their things, head to their local supermarket for a bargain set of pans and new bedding, and wave goodbye to their parents as they leave home for the first time to go to university.

While the majority will spend many hours reading heavy, dusty books that they fall across in the library, and not in the student union of course, there are some smartphone apps that can help kick start the best years of your life…

Mobile Banking

Ok, so this isn’t a specific app per say, but downloading your bank’s smartphone app is definitely advised before you head off to uni. This will allow you to check your available balance on the go, meaning that if your funds are particularly low you’ll be spared the embarrassment of having your card declined. It will also come in useful if you’re going to be paying bills for the first time as you can keep on top of it a lot easily and even set up alerts to warn you when your balance is getting low.


This app is as much for making mum and dad feel a bit better as it is for you. Should you suddenly start to feel unwell, develop any nasty looking rashes, or find that something just doesn’t quite feel right physically, WebMD is a good place to go before heading to your doctor.

Enter the area and the symptoms that are causing you trouble and the physician-reviewed health tool will give you information as to what could be wrong.

There’s also some first aid information for any small accidents that may occur and some useful tracking features for weight and activity to name but a few. Perfect to make sure you stay as healthy as possible while away from home.

Student Timetable

This one is kind of self-explanatory, but very important as you won’t miss out on any lectures or seminars with this handy little app.

Aside from entering your timetable, you can also fill in the name of the teacher and add any course work or reading that is to be done for the next week. A fantastic way to manage your degree.

The Student Cook

Food is not only the language of love, it is also pretty important for survival, so knowing how to cook is a skill that will come in very useful while at university.

The Student Cook give you access to a variety of meals and recipes that are easy enough for even a beginner to use and won’t cause your mobile banking app any worries (see what we did there?).

From how to perfect a poached egg on toast for a late brunch, to making a beautiful pasta dish for your housemates to enjoy, The Student Cook has it all.

Student Beans

When you’re at uni and trying not to spend too much money, this app may just become your best friend. There are constantly new offers being added to it, including money off from your favourite clothes shops and discounts at a number of restaurants and takeaways.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801746430-ADNFCR

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