The Apple aPhone? Glitch prevents iOS 11 users from typing letter ‘I’

We probably type on our smartphones more than with any other device, when you consider all the texting, messaging and searching we do. As such, it’s always a little worrying to hear of an error that prevents people from doing this. Unfortunately, this is what has happened to iPhone users recently with the discovery of a new bug.

Those with iOS 11.1 installed on their devices might have noticed they are unable to type the letter ‘I’ without it being autocorrected to an ‘A’ and an unknown unicode symbol. It is not clear why this is occurring, or why it is seemingly happening to some iOS 11 users but not others.

Once the letter has been corrected it is still possible to change it back, although this is a time-consuming option. The problem isn’t contained to a single app, either; it appears to be affecting any app that uses Apple’s keyboard.

Apple has acknowledged that this is happening with a post on its support forums explaining how to get around the bug. In short, it has told users to go to their keyboard settings, then to “Text Replacement” and tap the plus symbol. From there, go into “Phrase” and type an upper-case ‘I’, then to “Shortcut” and type a lower-case ‘i’.

Apparently, this will fix the issue. Another method of getting round it is to simply turn off predictive text. However, there is no word on when Apple is likely to bring out an update that will permanently fix the problem. Some users have suggested restoring your phone, but Apple’s Community Support Forums have advised against this.

It is unclear how this bug has arrived on iOS. Apple does make changes to its keyboard with updates, usually adding in new names of products into its autocorrect system, so this might be the answer. As the bug arrived at the same time as the iOS 11.1 update, this seems likely.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801841784-ADNFCR

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