The popular iPhone and Android game Temple Run has been downloaded to more than 100 million mobile phones in its first year.

A total of 11 per cent of the UK population has now got the app on their smartphones, according to the developer Imangi Studios.

The free-to-play game sees users race down temple walls collecting coins and dodging obstacles a la Indiana Jones.

Figures also show that 13 per cent of the US, South Korean and Swedish population also now own the game, with over 10 billion Temple Run gaming sessions taking place globally since its launch.

Co-founder of Imangi Studios Keith Shepherd said he never imagined that the game that they made and loved would turn out to be such a global hit.

"The last year has been incredible for us and we are grateful to fans of the game. We hope to be able to provide them with more entertainment from the brand for years to come," he continued.

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